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The Berjaya Group was the first to create the lottery industry in Malaysia, back in 1969.

In the gaming sector, Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian corporation with a presence in the country.

The Malaysian government formed and incorporated the company in 1969 with the goal of commercializing 4-Digits–based video games in the country. A non-tender privatization, conducted on August 1, 1985, resulted in the sale of the company to tycoon Vincent Tan, who subsequently included it into his Berjaya Group.


Sports Toto is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad, which is publicly traded on Malaysia's principal stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia. Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad is a leading provider of sports equipment and services. Using 680 sales outlets to sell a total of 7 titles, it claims to be the largest operator of 4D-based games in Malaysia.

4D Lotteries in Malaysia

Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Derby Blue, Derby Green, and Da Ma Cai are the four major 4D providers in Malaysia, with Sports Toto being the most well-known. Da Ma Cai is owned and operated by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd. All four of these businesses are different commercial enterprises that have been accredited and sanctioned by the Malaysian authorities. The "Number Forecast Operators" are four-dimensional operators that are used to predict numbers.

Every day, Malaysia's 4D drawings take place, with some also taking place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, which coincide with Singapore's 4D drawings. On Tuesdays, though, there may be a special drawing to participate in.

When it comes to the classic 4D game, Magnum 4D provides it. The player chooses a four-digit number and the amount of money he intends to wager. Forecasts are divided into two categories: "big" and "small." A "small" bet will result in larger rewards, but the player will only win if his or her number is first, second, or third in the drawing. Even though the prizes for a "big" bet are smaller, there are 10 "special" numbers that pay RM180 for a RM1 wager and 10 "consolation" numbers that pay RM60 for a RM1 wager, in addition to first, second, and third place.

Magnum is the first licensed 4D operator in Malaysia, having been granted a license by the Malaysian government. Magnum developed a new game in September 2009 that is an extension of the popular 4D game, but with a parimutuel aspect; this game was copyrighted by Magnum and is available only through Magnum's website. This game is more popular in Malaysia than the other lotto games, and the winning number for the first prize this year is 8734, which is the highest number ever.

Da Ma Cai has a 3D game as well as a 4D game (which they refer to as 1+3D). In contrast to the 1+3D, the 3D has only the first, second, and third slots. The top prize in Big First Place is RM660, which is significantly less than the prize in 1+3D. Their 1+3D is organized in a manner comparable to the Magnum 4D. At Da Ma Cai, you may also play 3D and 1+3D progressive jackpot games. Da Ma Cai's most recent product, the Da Ma Cai Jackpot, was introduced in January 2014, with a minimum payment of 1.8 million for Jackpot 1 and a maximum payment of 1.8 million for Jackpot 2. In December 2016, Da Ma Cai provided mobile betting channel "dmcGO" apps to customers. (It is available on iOS and Android).

In addition to the fundamental 4D games given by Magnum and Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto also offers 5D and 6D games. In contrast to 4D, 5D and 6D projections do not include "big" and "small" forecasts. Six-figure prizes for 6D are awarded at a rate of RM100,000, while the top reward for 5D is awarded at a rate of RM15,000. The first prize number is still yours if the last 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 5D number (or the last 5, 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 6D number) match those of the first prize number. There are also three lottery games available on Sports Toto, which are identical to those offered in Western countries.

The numbers are as follows: Mega Toto 6/52, Power Toto 6/55, and Supreme Toto 6/58. The last number indicates the biggest number; Mega Toto 6/52 requires the player to select six numbers ranging from 1 to 52 from a pool of 76 numbers. However, although the Supreme Toto 6/58 has the highest payouts (the first prize is a minimum of more than RM8.5 million), winning is less likely due to the larger number of tickets sold.

WTL-M The jackpots for the Daily Derby 4D and 5D games are substantially comparable to those for the prior three games. It is capable of playing 4D and 5D games. The four D's are daily, monthly, and two 5D's (five-day weekends). There will be a first prize, a second prize, a third prize, ten special prizes, and ten consolation prizes awarded in addition to the grand prize.

Malaysian Lotteries 4D Results

Fourth Dimension (4D) lottery is Malaysia's most popular lottery game, and playing the 4D Malaysia lottery is an exciting and exhilarating journey from start to finish. For those who appreciate playing the 4D lottery and are looking for 4D results, keep certain draw dates in mind and visit 4dtreasure to ensure that they are checked accurately and swiftly.When do the winning numbers for the 4D lottery draw take place?

Damacai, Magnum, and Sports TOTO are the three principal operators of Malaysia's 4D lottery, with the other two being Damacai and Magnum. They are subject to a high level of government regulation. There is no tax levied by these operators. Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days on which all three operators' 4d results are released; the other two days are Wednesday and Saturday.

Also on Tuesday, the results of special drawings will be announced. You should keep in mind that the 4 D results of the three operators are different, and all you have to do is choose the one from which you feel your chosen numbers will be drawn.

4D Malaysia Result Checking on the Internet

Malaysians take pleasure in participating in the 4D lottery. Millions of people all around the world utilize internet services to acquire 4D lucky numbers, and the number 4D is very popular. As a result, it is much easier to keep track of the most current 4D Malaysia outcomes.

Unlike in the past, you no longer need to visit a physical place in order to purchase or check the results of a 4D lottery. Because of the internet and technological advancements, it is becoming easier and easier to verify lottery results, including 4D lottery results.

The majority of online casinos and lotteries will send you an email when the results of a game or lottery are made public. Each time, 23 4D lottery prizes are announced, including 10 special prizes, 10 consolation prizes, and the three largest prizes, which are awarded to the winners of the first, second, and third places in the lottery drawing.

Another advantage of analyzing 4D results online is the option to see past 4D findings, which can be extremely valuable. As an alternative to only looking at the most recent results, you can look back at prior 4D outcomes and use them as starting numbers for future 4D lottery draws.

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